Ethanol Wipes (24 Packs)


24 Packs of 75% Ethanol Wet Wipes (100 wipes per pack, 2400 total, only $4.99 per pack)



The highest quality Ethanol wipes

For your health and safety

Buy in bulk and save! FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.!

• Highly effective 75% ethanol formula for home, office, vehicle, and travel

• Clean cellphones, door knobs, faucets, handles, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, office surfaces and areas, electronics and more

• A better 100 wipes per pack, compared to the competition’s 75-wipe pack

• Easy soft pack to carry in bags, purses, cars, and on the go

• FDA registered

• We are a family-owned US company, partnered with a leading South Korean firm producing the highest quality wipes for your health


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